Overview of the Peace Path

Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path is the perfect recess tool to support students to responsibly and effectively resolve their own conflicts. The Peace Path cultivates the five core competencies of Social Emotional Learning: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making.

Our Peace Path Guide helps you develop your staff’s understanding of how to implement the Peace Path throughout your school community to resolve conflicts… amicably and peacefully.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama endorses Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path

Order your Peace Path!

Our fabulous partners at Fit and Fun Playscapes created the perfect reusable Peace Path stencil for your playground. Directly order your Peace Path here!

Peace Path Video Teaser

Peace Path Videos

Get the short videos to accompany your Peace Path Guide. They are perfect for teachers, administrators, parents, yard duty supervisors and after-school staff. The training is filled with important elements that will support you in making your Soul Shoppe Peace Path a central part of resolving problems throughout your school community.


Peace Keys

Peace Keys are the keys to the Peace Path’s success!

We’ve bundled up little “cheat sheets” of the most important Peacemaker tools. Key concepts are fitted into laminated 4” badges, then hung on a key clip. Students and teachers love them and clip them onto their belt loops for easy access. Peace Keys make it possible to keep valuable communication tools (I Message, Clean Up, Stop & Breathe, Ninja Moves, and the Peace Path Process) all on-hand. Peace Keys come in sets of 10.

Vinyl Soul Shoppe Peace Paths

These portable 3’x 5’ vinyl Peace Paths will help your students who are engaged in a conflict to work it out step by step towards peace. Perfect for classrooms and counselor and administrative offices.

Peacemaker at Home Kit

Our new Peacemakers @ Home Kit contains two each of our highly coveted peace path (laminated, 8-1/2″x 11″) and peace keys. Instructions on how to get started are included.