Peacemakers Trained




For over seventeen years Soul Shoppe has been supporting school communities by providing interactive programs and tools that teach students powerful life skills, including conflict resolution, leadership, and peace and empathy building. Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path and Peacemaker Training Program has reached hundreds of thousands of kids across the U.S. and beyond, keeping schools and playgrounds safe for everyone.

Soul Shoppe trains student Peacemakers in leadership, conflict resolution and peacemaking skills to help their peers work out problems peacefully.

Peer to peer relationships gets results. Researchers have reported the power of peer group intervention as the most effective form of intervention and suggested that prevention/intervention programs provide students with the skill-building and support they need to do so.

Vicki Abadesco

Founder & Director of Infinite Possibilities

As the Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, vicki! brings 30 years of experience as an educator teaching life skills and conflict resolution tools to young people and adults. More ...

Joseph Savage

Founder & Chief Executive Storyteller

A Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, Joseph has created and presented award-winning curricula for hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents. More ...